Reflecting on IBC 2019 – Will we go back? – Monkey Impact

The IBC was darn amazing.

We were particularly thrilled, as we don’t often get to visit conventions of this standing and out of town. Being prepared was the key. The IBC website was very informative in that regard; it really is a welcomed tool for everyone to make the best of the convention. In the end, we saw a lot of impressive gear and spoke with many great people.

Attending the training with “Black Magic Design” was inspiring and sitting in with “Worldwide Evangelist” Jason Levine at the Adobe booth, was fun and informative. The equipment section was particularly interesting, with all the new LED technology, studio cameras and giant camera cranes that still linger in my memory. Also, just how elaborate everything was and how well organized it was, impressed me.

Having the opportunity to speak with Simon Hall, a technical specialist at the “Black Magic Design” booth, as well as, with other team members was particularly useful. Since we started using “Black Magic Design” cameras and “DaVinci Resolve” to edit, we have found first hand some of the advantages (and disadvantages) to that product line. So, with a list of issues in hand, I was able to address those directly. Some of my problems were solved on-the-spot and others were taken in as beneficial feedback. One of my concerns in particular with the color picker in “Resolve”, they had not even been aware of and so I do hope to see that fixed in a future release. Jason Levine is an entertaining guy and of course a real expert with the Adobe software. I always enjoy seeing him. Adobe had a representative for every product and I was able to have a good conversation with the Adobe Audition person who clarified a few of my points.

The convention is vast; we walked and walked and ended up with a dazzling mind full of ideas, technical novelties etc. To let this settle in we decided to take a break, enjoy the busy streets and simply appreciate Amsterdam. Naturally, Amsterdam is always a treat. Neither Chris nor I had time to do any tourist stuff but still managed to visit a cute design shop and enjoyed the food.

So, would we go back? Definitely! Was it profitable? Probably, my improved relationship with “DaVinci Resolve”, a program I use every day, is simply worth it, reduced stress and that is important

Unfortunately I didn't get many good photos but here are a few...